Welcome 1 WB

Код товара 2124095
Издательство Express Pub
Год выпуска2012
Вес 270 г
Оформлениемягкая обложка
Кол-во страниц 71

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Authors' Acknowledgements
We would like to thank all the staff at Express Publishing who have contributed their skills to producing this book. Thanks are due in particular to: Mary Palmer (Editor in Chief); Steve Ladd (senior editor); Rob Stevens and Mary Smith (editorial assistants); Philip Emery (senior production controller). We would also like to thank those institutions and teachers who piloted the manuscript, and whose comments and feedback were invaluable in the production of the book. Special thanks to Alex, Chris, Tereza, Nadia, Pan and Natalie who play the parts of Eddy, Torn, Cindy, Lin, Oscar and Wendy in the recording material.
1. Hello!
2. Family and friends!
3. A doll's house!
4. Happy Birthday
5. She's a clown!
6. I can't draw!
7. You've got a happy face!
8. Is there any food
9. Everyone's having fun!
10. We play basketball every Saturday!
11. I like spring!
12. My rabbit and other animals!
13. The picnic!
14. Magic moments!

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