Enterprise 4 Gr TB

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The teaching notes provide guidance on how to deal with the material as it appears in each unit in the Student’s Book. Ail tapescripts of the recorded material appear after the answers to the relevant sections. Each unit is preceded by the objectives applied in each exercise. Optional extra activities give teachers a different approach to various exercises. Answers to all exercises are provided.
Photocopiable video project work is an extra activity which is planned to be done after the end of each unit (for further analysis see pp. 129 - 130)
There are four tests of two versions each with answer sheets (to be used by students to fill in their answers) as well as the answers to each test and marking scheme. The tests help teachers check vocabulary and structures presented in the course. Each test is to be given every three units after
students have done the relevant revision unit section in their book.
Answers to the workbook exercises are provided in the last section of the Teacher’s Book.

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