Код товара 2170594
Издательство Penguin
Год выпуска1997
Оформлениемягкая обложка

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Chia, a hardcore fan of Lo/Rez, has come to Tokyo, current location of the band's singer. Rez is on a weird head-trip; he's announced his impending marriage to an Idoru, a digital celebrity, baffling both his management and fans. His security has hired Laney, a disgraced analyst with a talent for reading the future in data-flow, to find answers. But the Russian Kombinat, a big-haired smuggler called Maryalice and a crew called the Walled City all seem to be in on the gig, and if anyone really knows what's about to happen, they're not letting on...

Формат: 13 см х 20 см.

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