True to Life El PS WB

Код товара 2170806
Издательство Cambridge
Год выпуска1995
Вес 470 г
Оформлениемягкая обложка
Возрастное ограничение 16+
Кол-во страниц 177
Материал Мелованная бумага
Размер 297 x 210

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True to Life is a new three-level course designed to meet the needs of todays adult learners. By concentrating on themes, language and learning styles which are relevant to adults, a high level of motivation is assured. The course places a particular emphasis on fluency and productive skills, while providing extensive practice of language forms. At each level True to Life offers: - Tasks and content which will successfully engage the interest of adult learners throughout the course - The opportunity for learners to contribute their own knowledge, experience and creativity - Cyclical review and development in each unit - A wide range of cross-cultural themes - Dual level recordings for many of the listening tasks, for flexibility and challenge - A Visual Dictionary component in the Personal Study Workbook, for vocabulary development

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