Women artists. Женщины искусства

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The present book is devoted exclusively to women artists. Copiously illustrated and enriched with informative and lucid commentaries, Women Artists presents a broad survey of the various forms taken by women's work in art in the 20th century - and it accomplishes this without lapsing into polemics or stereotyped categories.
Traditional critics of feminism, who prefer to evade the debate on societal mechanisms and the very real war of the sexes, argue that good art is genderless; in contrast, contemporary critics point out that gender should in fact not be seen as a given, but rather as a social construct. In all probability neither point of view had - or now has - a significant influence on the (self-)awareness which has been an intrinsic element in the process by which women become artists. The present volume offers impressive proof that art by women is not the same as "feminine" or feminist art. The very phrase "art by women" covers as great a multitude of approaches and expressive options as there are women artists.
Because this is so, we have deliberately chosen to arrange the artists included here in alphabetical rather than chronological order. The resulting juxtaposition allows us to present positions that have become central to art history side by side with youthful, experimental trends only recently registered on the art scene. Women Artists showcases 93 women artists of the Western world, placing women whose art has brought them global fame alongside women whose careers in art have only just begun.
In selecting the artists for the book, we attempted to present the greatest possible array of the currents and persuasions in which women worked in the 20th century. The techniques and media employed by these artists are many: painting and drawing, collage and assemblage, sculpture, photography and film, performances and actions, video and the Internet, work with nature or with the artist's own body. It should be emphasised that the women featured in this book are merely a selection; the list of artists who could not be included for reasons of space is a long one indeed.
Through its generous array of reproductions, Women Artists is the first publication to afford an introduction to the life and work of the women artists who made a lasting impact on 20th century art and who are today influencing the art (whether by women or by men) of the 21st century.
Ufa Grosenick
Cologne, August 2001

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