English Pronouncing Dict

Код товара 2187612
АвторDaniel Jones
Издательство Cambridge
Вес 870 г
Оформлениемягкая обложка

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The 16th edition of Daniel Jones' classic pronunciation guide.

- Over 80,000 entries, 215,000 pronunciations.
- Clear layout. Easy to use.
- Useful information panels on key pronunciation issues.
- Full coverage of British and North American pronunciation.
- All pronunciations use the International Phonetic Alphabet.
- Contains all the general and encyclopedic words needed to communicate in the modern world, including:
People: from ancient times to people in the news today.
Places: thousands of British and North American place names as well as major towns and cities of the world.
Science and technology: including computing, medicine, and communications.
Literature: characters and place names from major works of literature.

- Also available with a CD-ROM giving spoken pronunciations for every word.

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