Longman Active Study Dictionary

Код товара 2244608
Издательство Longman
Год выпуска2010
Вес 810 г
Оформлениемягкая обложка
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The Longman Active Study Dictionary is perfect for serious students of English. Actively encouraging students to develop their language through the built-in workbook, study notes, colour headwords and full-colour illustrations, this dictionary is also ideal for exam preparation.

Free sample pages available to view online for this title.

Clear and simple definitions with natural examples

3,000 Active Words highlighted to show they are important to learn

Full coverage of British and American English
New CD-ROM for Windows, including full dictionary text, pronounced headwords, interactive activities and pictures

Словарь для активного усвоения англ. яз.45 тыс. слов, включ. 3 тыс. самых необходимых, различия между брит. и амер. вариантами англ. яз. + CD-ROM с интерактивными заданиями

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