Business Across Cultures

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This text takes a business-case approach to looking at cross-cultural business practices and values, and how these affect international business conduct. A task-based, self-explanatory text, this work draws on students' critical thinking skills and should also develop their oral skills. Learner-centered and self-exploratory in its approach, this task-based oral skills text examines cross-cultural business practices and values. Its highly successful business case approach and methodology ask students to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to explain their own cultural values. Each of its units includes language-expansion exercises. Cases (some authentic) present business situations where cross-cultural conflict interferes with the business at hand. Students then explore ways to repair these communication breakdowns. Each case analysis includes: -- Exercises in comprehension and problem solving, discussion/critical thinking, and written reflection -- Worldwide business practices -- Key business vocabulary and language exercises that introduce idioms and expressions related to the topic

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