Business Venture New 1 TB

Код товара 2409649
Издательство Oxford
Год выпуска2000
Вес 210 г
Оформлениемягкая обложка
Кол-во страниц 80

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A speaking and listening course for people who need to communicate effectively in everyday business situations. Key features This new edition combines the most popular features of the original course with new, updated material in every unit, a new Teacher's Guide, a new Workbook, and a re-recorded Cassette. The emphasis throughout is on presenting English as a means of international communication. The language models provided are standard American English, although a variety of other native and non-native accents appear in the listening materials. The material is carefully graded and gently paced to encourage fluency and give confidence to low-level learners. Each level consists of 12 units which prepare learners for a wide range of business situations such as greeting colleagues and clients, talking on the telephone, handling meetings, and entertaining clients. Communication skills are intensively coached through dialogue practice, pair work and information gap activities. The Chicago Contract, a new business board game, reviews the language in the Student's Book in a lively and interesting way. A Culture File in every unit presents topics of cross-cultural interest for discussion, and provides advice on potentially problematic situations such as tipping, the right clothes to wear, and gift giving.

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