Визуальный словарь терминов графического дизайна

Код товара 2463056
Издательство Хпи
Год выпуска2006
Вес 450 г
Оформлениемягкая обложка
Кол-во страниц 287

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Unforgettable, witty visual definitions of 140 puzzling art and design words.

Shows the meaning of each term.
Quick reference for students and anyone who wants to understand specialized terms.
Handy go-anywhere format.

Abstract. Zeitgeist. Bauhaus. Pluralism. The "Visual Dictionary" is just the book for anyone who's ever been a bit hazy about the meaning of the many terms used in art and design. Each term is explained visually and put in context, providing the reader with a clear understanding of the often mystifying language of these specialized fields. To help the reader understand and remember the meanings, each entry uses a different typeface (a history of the fonts is in the back of the book) and includes a picture in an appropriate illustration techniques. Eclectic, useful, and entertaining, The "Visual Dictionary" takes the complex and makes it simple.

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