Face2Face Advanced SB

Код товара 2620722
Издательство Cambridge
Год выпуска2013
Вес 296 г
Оформлениемягкая обложка
КомплектDVD-диск (1)
Кол-во страниц 160
Материал Мелованная бумага
Размер 276x219x8

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Face2face Second edition is the flexible, easy-to-teach course for busy teachers who want to get their adult and young adult learners to communicate with confidence. The fully updated and redesigned Advanced Student's Book provides 80-120 hours of material. It comes with a free DVD-ROM that includes consolidation activities and an electronic portfolio for learners to track their progress with customisable tests and grammar and vocabulary reference sections. This Second edition Student's Book includes a bank of extra video lessons (available on the Teacher's DVD) and 9 additional Writing lessons. The vocabulary selection is informed by the English Vocabulary Profile and Cambridge Learner Corpus.

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