Collection Management

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Издательство blackwell
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Размер 185x260
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This volume is dedicated to the thousands of professionals charged with the formidable task of converting credit sales into bank deposits. Whether they are titled as bookkeepers, customer service reps, salespeople, entrepreneurs, credit managers, collection agencies, attorneys, or bill collectors - they all play a pivotal and important role in our economy. Without the combined, dedicated efforts of the people assigned to this function, charge-offs would metastasize to catastrophic dimensions, sufficient to drive our economic infrastructure to certain calamity. Fortunately, however, in our untiring quest to fulfill the credit sale - getting paid - equilibrium is maintained, enabling stimulated circulation of currency, while in turn invigorating our economy. This volume is dedicated to these indefatigable souls, who for whatever hats they may wear ensure that customers dutifully honor credit terms, and in so doing, contribute to our economic well-being.

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