Вызов ислама христианству

Код товара 3762492
Год выпуска2014
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Кол-во страниц 248
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Russian language edition of THE CHALLENGE OF ISLAM TO CHRISTIANS.
This is David Pawson's most important - and perhaps his most sobering - prophetic message to date. Moral decline and erosion of a sense of ultimate truth have created a spiritual vacuum in the United Kingdom. Pawson believes Islam is better equipped than the Church to move into that gap and it is far more likely to become the country's dominant religion in the future. This book unpacks and explains the background behind Pawson's claims, and - crucially - sets out a positive blueprint for the Church's response. Christians must rediscover and demonstrate to society the three qualities that make Christianity unique: Reality, Relationship and Righteousness. This book is essential reading for all Christians.

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