American Gods. Американские боги

Код товара 3942783
АвторГейман Нил
Издательство Headline
Год выпуска2017
Оформлениемягкая обложка
Возрастное ограничение 18+
Кол-во страниц 736
Размер 129x178x46

Наличие в е-магазине

временно отсутствует
Shadow Moon has served his time. But hours before his release from prison, his beloved wife is killed in a freak accident. Dazed, he boards a plane home where he meets the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday, who professes both to know Shadow and to be king of America. Together they embark on a profoundly strange road trip across the USA, encountering a kaleidoscopic cast of characters along the way. Yet all around them a storm threatens to break. The war has already begun, an epic struggle for the very soul of America, and Shadow is standing squarely in its path.

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